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August 16, 2012

I have come to a recent realization that I really hadn’t thought a great deal about. Tytoo Gardens is no longer a small orphanage. When I look at our records, I see that we directly help 136 people. These people include Orphanage children, School sponsorship children, Transition program children, families we help through our Starfish program, and Elders that we bring boxes of food to monthly. This number does not include the over 500 people we have seen in our clinic since the beginning of January or our employees that we provide jobs too.  Tytoo Garden’s is now a mission, a place that people come for help, a place that shows them the love of Jesus in a practical way.

A mission cannot hope to function without the support of many people, not only the employees and volunteers that provide care to these people, but many dedicated supporters in Canada and the United States. Without these people, Tytoo would be just an empty group of buildings made of rocks and cement. The people make it a living, breathing entity, it is no longer a one person operation. With the help of Pastor Dave Oppertshauser and the input of many others, we recently completed a document that talks about the vision and direction that Tytoo hopes to take over the next 2 years. It lists our programs and proposed projects that we would like to complete.  In Romans 12:8 Paul wrote that we are all part of one body, each with a different function, but each belonging to the other. God does not call all of us to work in an orphanage, but he does call all of us to be missionaries. Jesus told us in Matthew 28:16-20 that we are to go and make disciples of all men and teach them the gospel of Christ. You cannot however speak into someone’s life if you don’t have a relationship with them. You cannot teach someone if they are hungry, you cannot give them a bible to read if they cannot understand the words written there. You cannot teach someone about God’s love if they have never been loved and don’t understand what love is. That is what Tytoo is all about, we build relationships, we give starving people food, we help educate them, we love them. It is not possible for all of us to move to foreign lands and do all this, but because we are all different parts of the same body we can help others do it. Perhaps God is calling you to come, perhaps he is calling you to help in a physical way, perhaps a financial way. The bottom line is that he calls all of us.

Will you listen to that call? There are many opportunities to help in many ways, short term mission trips, arranging fundraising events, sponsoring a child, contributing to the costs of operating Tytoo Gardens, contributing to the financial needs of our onsite missionaries, committing to praying for us on a regular basis, or telling others about us and our work here.

Frank King


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